Maximus Lear

St Patrice day in a virtual world.

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Ok this was funny and it took time to be creative not to use any scripts as described to enter . Then i saw people with horses grrr. I could have done so much as in expositions and such but nooooo this time I behaved.

I was the 8th person and I think I was late. Was writing up a description on a note card thinking I have to submit it to somebody and I look up to see a chat opening up “where are you !” I see this empty road before me. The first thoughts was. Did the sim crashed and I am only one standing or something . Then I saw a bobbing huge green hat past the tree line then I realized something and I looked behind and there was all these other avatars waiting for me to go.

So I rand down the street pulling my float, that is made on top of a old flatbed train car.( I hope Roddie does not send me a bill for scratching up his new looking road).

All end up well as i whipped around the corner then i saw there was a traffic jam of floats. Gasp! The end of the road.
So i just parked it on the lawn someplace lol. It was a blast and want to thank all the organizers and Roddie for filming it.
For All who did not see it check out the video.

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